Wellbeing Advisors (LCSW)

Your Wellbeing is Our Priority

Your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health, and Reliance understands that oftentimes your mental status plays a key role in physical upkeep and wellness. Noticing that these two components of health are often isolated and separate, we made the decision to bring Wellbeing Advisors into our centers as part of our services of care.

Our Wellbeing Advisors are Licensed Clinical Social Workers who specialize in helping seniors with compassionate care ranging from long term feelings of depression to needing a short-term emotional boost. Wellbeing Advisors utilize techniques such as conversation, mindfulness, and relaxation to guide you along the path to feeling better and they provide the tools to help keep you well. Your Physician at Reliance works directly with your Wellbeing Advisor to help you achieve a complete sense of understanding and wellbeing, and as a patient member at Reliance, we offer this service to you at no additional cost. To schedule a meeting call us at (888) 414-1413

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