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Graduate to Better Healthcare

Reliance Medical Centers is proud to be the only value-based primary care partner in Polk County with the University of South Florida. This collaboration with USF marks our commitment to advanced, high-quality healthcare.

Together, Reliance and USF are continuously working together towards the advancement and improvement of senior health through research and onsite medical practices.

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Our collaboration began when we realized we shared common objectives in terms of promoting scientific investigation into cutting edge preventives and diagnostics, as well as applying these research findings into practice.

In 2019, Reliance donated $100,000 to the university and founded the USF Optimal Aging and Brain Health Research Fund in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences and donated space in our Lakeland and Winter Haven centers to establish a research presence in Polk County.

In 2021, Reliance gifted additional funds to USF with $1 million to support aging and education research. This generous gift benefits both USF students, Reliance patients and an entire generation of older adults through its support of continued research and practical application.

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The Reliance/USF collaborations includes the following:

  • Brain Health Assessment
  • Clinical Pharmacist Evaluation
  • Access to our Wellbeing Advisors (LCSW)

All of these services are included at no cost to our Medicare Advantage patients


In addition to providing these innovative complimentary services to patients, Reliance is also the place that educates and employees the doctors and nurses of tomorrow. By providing hands-on learning experience, Reliance prepares nursing, pharmacy and behavioral health students to work in today’s emerging healthcare fields. 

Click here to read more about how this collaboration benefits Polk County seniors and USF students.  

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