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Care In and Out of the Exam Room

Get to know Reliance Medical Centers. Reliance is more than your Doctor’s Office, we are your Wellness Club, your Brain Health Assessment, your Emotional Wellbeing Advocate, your Pharmaceutical Expert and your Community ACCESS Center. Reliance is your Primary Care Provider and we invite you to learn all about the Services that are available to you and included at no extra cost as part of your Medicare Advantage Plan.


A doctor’s office where primary care is premium care. Our team of Physicians specialize in the unique healthcare needs of older adults, and are supported by a dedicated panel of medical professionals who all work together to be proactive and reactive to your unique health-related goals and concerns. Accepting patients with Medicare plans. This is what healthcare should be.

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Our Doctors

Smiling Hispanic male doctor Carlos Romero

Dr. Carlos Romero

Co-CEO, Co-Founder &
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Romero is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Reliance Medical Centers, and he serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Reliance. Reliance began as Romero Medical Plaza, where Dr. Romero was dedicated to meeting the health and wellness needs of adults 65+. Dr. Romero’s passion for serving others and always going the extra mile to provide his patients with the quality healthcare they deserve, as well as the increase of patients who loved the friendly, warm care given to them by Dr. Romero, led to the expansion and transformation of Romero Medical Plaza to Reliance Medical Centers.

As Co-CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Romero oversees the care coordination of all physicians at Reliance. He is a fiercely compassionate leader who enjoys working hands-on with all Reliance employees to ensure Reliance is delivering on their promise to always put patients first. He has implemented a number of unique health and wellness services at Reliance, including the Wellness Club, Wellbeing Advisors, Clinical Pharmacist and more.

Dr. Romero is privileged to touch the life of every Reliance patient as the Chief Medical Officer. His knowledge and oversight guide the physicians and medical staff each day to ensure Reliance stays true to their word: This is what healthcare should be.


Dr. Martita Marcano

Primary Care Provider
Lakeland Office

Dr. Martita Marcano joins Reliance as a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician with over 8 years of experience in a primary healthcare setting. She specializes in caring for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and thyroid disease. Dr. Marcano focuses on delivering her patients quality preventative care as opposed to the traditional remedial care to prevent health issues before they begin. 

Miroslav Brzobohaty

Dr. Miroslav Brzobohaty

Primary Care Provider
Winter Haven Office

Dr. Miroslav Brzobohaty joins Reliance as a Primary Care Physician. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Brzobohaty is an osteopathic doctor who is dedicated to providing his patients with complete care to help prevent and treat illnesses. In addition to being a physician in California and Miami, Dr. Brzobohaty served as an Anatomy Instructor at Florida Atlantic University.

Smiling Hispanic female doctor

Dr. Glorimar Gonzales

Primary Care Provider
Winter Haven Office

Dr. Gonzalez has over fifteen years of experience in the medical field and is committed to providing excellent care to her patients. She has experience as both a primary care and emergency care physician and employs preventive healthcare practices to help her patients get healthy and stay well.


Dr. Andrew Barnes

Primary Care Provider
Tampa Lowry Park Office

Dr. Andrew Barnes joins Reliance as a Primary Care Physician. Dr. Barnes is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University and is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician with additional training in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. He is excited to bring his Osteopathic Manipulative training to a Primary Care setting in order to provide his patients with wrap-around, whole body care. When he is not helping patients achieve a complete sense of wellbeing, Dr. Barnes enjoys weight lifting, playing the piano and running.


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There is so much to love about our Wellness Club! This is Reliance outside of the exam room. Craft activities, fitness classes, cooking, gardening, prescribed massage therapy, and more... all designed around making positive changes with social engagement and increased independence. Membership is included and if needed, transportation is provided.

Smiling Hispanic male doctor sitting on yellow bicycle and shaking hands with older white female outside of a glass building
Reliance Wellness Club


A key ingredient to quality healthcare and improved wellbeing is access to care. This is why Reliance Medical Centers has an organized transportation system where we can provide you complimentary round-trip transportation to and from our facilities to ensure that you can get to your medical appointments and Wellness Club activities.

Illustration of Reliance shuttle transportation van in front of green circle
Illustration of Reliance shuttle transportation van in front of green circle

Brain Health


Through its exclusive partnership with USF, Reliance plays an instrumental role in delivering essential brain health services and research by creating an in-house Brain Health Assessment and Cognition Department and founding the USF Optimal Aging & Brain Health Research Fund and laboratory. Learn more to see how this program can benefit you.


Our Wellbeing Advisors are Licensed Clinical Social Workers, who utilize concepts such as mindfulness, dialogue, relaxation and other techniques to compassionately guide people along the path to wellness. A more positive mental outlook has been shown to improve physical health as well as overall state of wellbeing, stability and happiness. It's time to focus on both physical and emotional care for a happier, healthier you it's good to know that this service is available to all of our patients with no extra fee.

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At Reliance we noticed a trend where many patients were on 10+ daily medications from various providers and specialists. With so many different prescriptions to manage, patients do not always understand potential side-effects and interactions with other meds or dangers of prolonged use so we saw the importance of creating a department that is dedicated exclusively to addressing prescriptions and medications since it is such a critical part of a health and wellness plan.


Vaccines save lives and/or minimize the effects of potentially dangerous ailments. Please call Reliance at  888-414-1413  or visit  to schedule your flu, shingles or Covid vaccine.

Let’s stay healthy… together.

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The Resource Center at Reliance Medical Centers is equipped with computers and staffed with a Resource Advocate to help connect seniors in need with public assistance information and programs through the Florida Department of Children and Families Automated Community Connection to Economic Self Sufficiency (ACCESS). Resource Center programs are not only available to Reliance Medical Centers patients, but are offered to anyone in Polk County.

Resource Center

Video Visits

We have made Telehealth Video Visits a convenient option at Reliance Medical Centers. We are happy to walk you through the steps of a successful virtual appointment with the use of an at-home smart device or a computer that supports this technology with internet, camera and audio. Call to see if you are eligible for a Telehealth Visit.

Priority Line

The Medical Priority Line is here to answer your urgent, non-emergency medical and pharmacy related questions. Available 24/7, the Medical Priority Line connects you with medical personnel who are trained to answer urgent medical questions. The Medical Priority Line can be reached at 863-400-6208. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

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