Reliance Medical Centers is Much More Than Primary Care for Older Adults. Here’s Why!

Reliance Medical Centers is so much more than primary care for older adults – Our Wellness Club was designed by a specialized gerontologist to ensure optimal aging for seniors. It is evidenced-based, holistic, preventative by nature, and practices the widely recognized Seven Dimensions of Wellness.

Reliance Medical Centers Wellness Philosophy 

To provide a holistic array of activities and services that are specially curated to engage and enrich our patients outside of the exam room.

Wellness Club 

The term “wellness” previously referred to the use of medical treatment to reestablish health, as a reactive approach. Only recently has the definition and perception of “wellness” been modernized to represent a more proactive and holistic approach. Currently, the term “wellness” can be defined as a method that keeps individuals active and healthy to prevent and slow the decline of the aging process. Reliance Medical Centers follows the philosophy of The International Council of Aging (ICAA) who connects a community of like-minded organizations and professionals who share the goals of changing society’s perceptions of aging and improving the quality of life for aging Baby Boomers and older adults within the seven dimensions of wellness. The International Council of Active Aging has identified seven dimensions of wellness: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, and environmental.  The Seven Dimensions promote the belief that someone who is fulfilled in each of the dimensions will experience a sense of wellbeing and hopefully lead a healthier life. To provide a multi-faceted, valuable wellness program for our patients, we have implemented these seven dimensions as our core principals. Our Wellness Club services center around the idea of promoting independence and increasing quality of life. Our program is continually being reviewed and updated by the Wellness Manager and is revised and approved at least annually by our Medical Director. 

Wellness Club Goals 

We are changing the face of healthcare by providing excellent and engaging environments and services to our patients to increase their overall quality of life. Our Wellness Club helps our patients live as fully as possible and empowers them to make positive changes in their lives that ultimately improve health outcomes and maintain their independence.  Reliance Medical Centers’ Wellness Club goals consist of the following: 

  • Provide services that are valuable for serving the wants and needs of our patients
  • Programs are beneficial to patients backed by evidence-based studies
  • Provide services and activities for patients regardless of age, socioeconomic status or health
  • Encourage and motivate patients to promote participation
  • Endorse a proactive and preventative mindset
  • Improve patient quality of life and level of activity
  • Provide educational resources, so patients have the tools to better themselves
  • Increase patient satisfaction and retention

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