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Reliance Medical Centers Announces Equity Investment

Reliance Medical Centers Announces Investment from AIM Associates Capital Group to Accelerate Growth and Expand on Patient Care

Reliance Medical Centers, a leading primary care provider in Polk County for seniors with Medicare, today announced an equity investment by Miami-based AIM Associates Capital Group to further support Reliance’s strategic growth model. This investment accelerates Reliance’s continued success in transforming the healthcare experience for seniors with a more personalized, preventative and holistic approach to health and wellness.
Reliance’s Co-Chief Executive Officers and Co-Founders, Roberto Martinez and Dr. Carlos Romero are excited about the opportunity to bring in their first investment partner to the Reliance team while remaining the significant majority shareholders of the Company. “We look forward to continuing our consistent growth and innovative development at Reliance,” said Roberto Martinez. “Reliance has a patient-centric care management system to help ensure better health outcomes which has proven to be scalable and successful. This infusion of capital from AIM Associates Capital Group accelerates the ongoing expansion and additional advancements in reshaping what healthcare should be for seniors.”
This investment comes at a pivotal moment for Reliance as it continues to dramatically innovate primary care by looking to increase the number of locations in Polk County and adding additional physicians, nurse practitioners, onsite clinical pharmacists, behavioral health specialists, dedicated customer satisfaction team and other members and departments that are designed to elevate their care model.
Reliance Medical Centers was recently named one the Growjo 10k fastest growing companies for 2021, based on indicators including revenue growth, valuation increases, funding news, hiring announcements and more. The substantial growth experienced by Reliance since its founding in 2017 is due largely in part to their elevated commitment to compassion and quality care, not only for their patients, but also in the community and among their staff. Examples of this are shown in their announcement of being the first to implement a higher minimum wage for all hourly workers in Polk County, their hosting of a new planned annual event known as Reliance Salutes Veterans, an onsite luncheon which honors Veterans and their families; and Reliance was selected to be one of the first few designated medical facilities in the area to administer COVID-19 vaccinations at their Lakeland and Winter Haven locations.
As for innovation, Reliance Medical Centers is the exclusive Polk County partner of the University of South Florida to support groundbreaking dementia and Alzheimer’s research for older adults. Reliance has donated space and resources in addition to founding the USF Optimal Aging & Brain Health Research Fund. This partnership allows for knowledgeable in-house recommendations and targeted onsite support and assistance.
Through Reliance’s development, Martinez and Dr. Romero remain dedicated to delivering consistent, quality care to patients and maintaining a commitment to their team of over 100 people, with no current plans of bringing on additional investment partners. “Our number one priority is to continuously upgrade our brand of care,” said Dr. Romero, who also serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Reliance. “As we evolve, we will continue to lead with our company values and our mission to improve every life we touch, both inside and out.”
While almost all equity partnerships are created from a shared interest in business, stemming from a new strategic alignment, Reliance has always operated differently and prides itself on forming business partnerships that are born from decades of friendship. The two CEOs of Reliance Medical Centers have known each other since grade school dating back 40 years and that tradition continues with this new partnership between Reliance and AIMACG. Roberto Martinez and AIM Associates Capital Group’s Managing Partner, Fernando Amaro became friends in college, even starting their own chapter of a fraternity together at Florida International University.
“While our friendship of 25 years made me aware of Reliance, it was the business attributes and high performance that made this an excellent investment opportunity. It is clear that an innovative and personal approach to care reinforces Reliance’s commitment to improving the quality of life of each patient. It is this care model, corporate culture and the growth trajectory that made this partnership so exciting for us,” said Amaro. “They have truly elevated and transformed the senior primary care experience and we are proud to support their developments in redefining healthcare.”

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