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A Doctor's Office that Puts You First

It’s a promise that a lot of providers make, but at Reliance, we built our entire healthcare system in a way that ensures we deliver on our promise. We do this by delivering your care via our 8-Person Care Focus Team, which includes your Primary Care Physician, Personal Medical Concierge and Nurse Practitioner.

By providing you with your own team of healthcare specialists, we empower you to take control of your health. Your Primary Care Physician acts as the leader of the team, and they will provide you with the quality, friendly, patient-focused care you deserve.

Meet Your Care Focus Team

Your 8-Member Care Focus Team works together to get you healthy and keep you well. Aside from doctor visits, let us help you coordinate and navigate appointments, insurance, referrals and prescriptions.

As part of our re-imagined Primary Care, every Reliance patient member is supported and cared for by a dedicated Care Focus Team, a coordinated group of 8 medical professionals who work together to get you healthy and keep you well.

New Power of 8-01

Meet Our Providers

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Dr. Carlos Romero
Co-CEO, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Romero is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Reliance Medical Centers, and he serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Reliance. Reliance began as Romero Medical Plaza, where Dr. Romero was dedicated to meeting the health and wellness needs of adults 65+. Dr. Romero’s passion for serving others and always going the extra mile to provide his patients with the quality healthcare they deserve, as well as the increase of patients who loved the friendly, warm care given to them by Dr. Romero, led to the expansion and transformation of Romero Medical Plaza to Reliance Medical Centers.

As Co-CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Romero oversees the care coordination of all physicians at Reliance. He is a fiercely compassionate leader who enjoys working hands-on with all Reliance employees to ensure Reliance is delivering on their promise to always put patients first. He has implemented a number of unique health and wellness services at Reliance, including the Wellness Club, Wellbeing Advisors, Clinical Pharmacist and more.

Dr. Romero is privileged to touch the life of every Reliance patient as the Chief Medical Officer. His knowledge and oversight guide the physicians and medical staff each day to ensure Reliance stays true to their word: This is what healthcare should be.

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Dr. Rares Cocioba
Vice President of Medicine

Dr. Cocioba is a highly dedicated physician leader who has experience leading physicians in a variety of different healthcare settings. Dr. Cocioba began his medical career as an attending physician in Yonkers, New York before opening his own private practice of Family & Osteopathic Medicine. He has also served as an Urgent Care physician and as a consultant where he advised practices on how to best manage treatment for their patients.

Before joining Reliance Medical Centers, Dr. Cocioba served as the Regional Medical Director for Valley Health in Winchester, VA. There he was ranked the top physician leader, enhanced patient and employee satisfaction from the national 45th percentile to the 99th percentile and spearheaded the Autonomous Nurse Practitioner program. He also oversaw physicians by performing chart reviews and quarterly evaluations, as well as providing one-on-one coaching and mentoring to physicians.

As Vice President of Medicine at Reliance Medical Centers, Dr. Cocioba works with Dr. Romero to oversee daily medical operations and implement new wellness activities to help empower patients to live their happiest, healthiest life. Dr. Cocioba strives every day to help physicians deliver friendly, quality care and to ensure Reliance Medical Centers is what healthcare should be.

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Dr. Jose Pares

Dr. Pares is an Anatomical and Clinical Pathologist, which gives him a broad view of the causes and effects of diseases. He uses his extensive medical background and vast experience in the medical field to aid in the treatment, prevention, and wellbeing of each and every patient he treats.

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Dr. Atiyeh Amer Atiyeh

Dr. Atiyeh has experience in a variety of healthcare fields, but his passion lies in primary care for seniors.

He has worked in both private practices and emergency medicine and has practiced in a variety of emergency rooms. He is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of his patients.

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Dr. Glorimar Gonzalez
Winter Haven

Dr. Gonzalez has over fifteen years of experience in the medical field and is committed to providing excellent care to her patients. She has experience as both a primary care and emergency care physician and employs preventive healthcare practices to help her patients get healthy and stay well.




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Dr. Martita Marcano


Dr. Martita Marcano joins Reliance in August 2022 as a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician with over 8 years of experience in a primary healthcare setting. She specializes in caring for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and thyroid disease. Dr. Marcano focuses on delivering her patients quality preventative care as opposed to the traditional remedial care to prevent health issues before they begin. 

Miroslav Brzobohaty

Dr. Miroslav Brzobohaty


Dr. Miroslav Brzobohaty joins Reliance in Summer 2022 as a Primary Care Physician. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Brzobohaty is an osteopathic doctor who is dedicated to providing his patients with complete care to help prevent and treat illnesses. In addition to being a physician in California and Miami, Dr. Brzobohaty served as an Anatomy Instructor at Florida Atlantic University.

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