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While we all deserve to love our Primary Care, I am alarmed by how many people simply accept a poor healthcare experience with their selected provider. You know the symptoms all too well… feelings of hopelessness, disappointment and frustration from an unsatisfactory relationship at your current doctor’s office.

Recognizing the causes and symptoms of Primary Care Dysfunction is the first step on the road to seeking a cure. Don’t settle for long wait times, poor interaction with your doctor and run-around from medical staff.

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Primary Care Dysfunction (PCD)

If you recognize any of these symptoms, you may be one of thousands of adults 65+ who is suffering from Primary Care Dysfunction, and while certainly common, should never be accepted.

Primary Care Dysfunction is the absence of a caring coordinated Primary Care experience. It involves a lack of attention and understanding of patients’ needs and adds to the frustration of seniors navigating a complex healthcare system plagued with mis-managed medical appointments, insurance forms, prescriptions and referrals.

Thankfully, if you’ve been living with PCD, there is hope! PCD can be easily treated by having a Primary Care Provider who approaches healthcare from a respectful patient-focused point of view. Reliance Medical Centers, with a Care Focus Team led by a Primary Care Doctor and Personal Medical Concierge, has proven to be the best cure for Primary Care Dysfunction.

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Reliance is the
Cure for PCD

Reliance Medical Centers is the cure for PCD. But how is that possible? By giving every patient an 8-Person Care Focus Team which is a physician, nurse practitioner, personal medical concierge, quality analyst, referrals specialist, medical records specialist and two medical assistants.

But there’s more!

The benefits of Reliance continue with wrap-around care that includes services and amenities like a Wellness Club for fitness and activities, Shuttle Service, Prescribed Massages, Resource Center, Patient Satisfaction Team, Wellbeing Advisors, Brain Health Assessment Program and Clinical Pharmacist. Plus, Reliance is the exclusive value-based Primary Care Provider of the University of South Florida – which clearly means we have graduated to a higher level of healthcare.

Side effects are more smiling and less frustration. By providing you with complete care coordination, all under one roof, Reliance can cure your PCD in as little as one appointment.

Reliance is dedicated to helping empower you to live your best life. Your healthcare is more than what happens in the exam room, it’s every step in your care process.

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Primary Care?

Reliance Medical Centers is the cure for PCD. By providing complete care coordination, Reliance can cure PCD with their unique approach to healthcare. Instead of separating services, Reliance is on a mission to re-imagine Primary Care by offering physical, mental and emotional healthcare as part of their complete Primary Care for adults 65+. What are you waiting for?

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