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Welcome to a new online resource that is designed to provide healthy tips, articles, videos, ideas and other tidbits to get you on the road to a healthier you!


Preventative medicine works best when we are given the tools to make healthy choices. Whether it’s increasing mobility or decreasing sugary snacks, at Reliance you are part of a community that supports whole-person wellness. Read on to learn more and be sure to sign-up for our Healthy Tips Newsletter below!

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    Health + Wellness

    Knowledge is key! Check-out some of the articles and blogs below that we found to be most relevant and helpful for senior healthcare and geriatric medicine - plus, lots of great information on Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

    The Best Senior Friendly Fun & Activities

    Your health and wellness is about more than just your physical health. It’s about doing activities you love every day. Whether you’re looking to spend time with your family and friends or wanting an activity that lets you get in touch with yourself, you’re sure to find a fun new activity you’ll love here. All our activities are affordable, senior friendly and safe.

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    Illustration of healthy meal with chicken, lemons, peppers, cucumbers and hummus
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    Recipes +

    It would be impossible to have a Healthy Habits section without posting some Reliance-approved recipes. All recipes are budget-friendly, easy to make, healthy and delicious. If you try any of our recipes, please let us know so that we can post -- or let us know of any recipes that you recommend. Simply email us at recipes@RelianceMedicalCenters.com


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    Healthy Habits
    for Seniors

    Healthy Habits are an important part of your healthcare routine. From getting enough exercise to eating nutritious meals, little habits play a big role in your overall health and wellness. These articles and tips are designed to help you start incorporating healthy habits into your everyday life, so you can feel empowered to live your best life.


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