Clinical Pharmacist Team

The right medication plan is the best prescription for better health, which is why Reliance created the complimentary Senior-Focused Clinical Pharmacist Program. 

A Clinical Pharmacist will discuss and help manage all of your prescriptions and over-the-counter medications and work with your Care Focus Team and referral doctors to ensure you are on the safest, most effective and most cost-effective prescriptions for your needs. 

In addition to helping you manage your medications, one of our in-house Clinical Pharmacists can also assist you in selecting the best over-the-counter medications (if applicable), educate you about possible side effects of your prescriptions, guide you to resources to make your medications more affordable and, for those who are interested, help you find alternative, non-medicated solutions for certain conditions. 

No cost visits with an on-site Clinical Pharmacist are available as follows:

  • Provider recommendation
  • Patients looking to address medication questions or concerns such as possible side effects or ineffectiveness 
  • Patients looking for non-medicated, alternative solutions 
  • Patients who have been on the same medication plan for years and would like a review benefits and/or risks
  • Patients who want to discuss the possible option of saving money on their prescriptions 
  • Any patient who feels they would benefit from speaking with a Clinical Pharmacist 
  • Automatically scheduled for patients who are on 10 or more prescribed medications

Visits with a Clinical Pharmacist are available to all Reliance patients at no cost to you.
Please give us a call at (888) 414-1413 to schedule a meeting.


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