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Meet Your Care Focus Team

Introducing your 8-Person Care Focus Team aimed at delivering you outstanding wrap-around care. When it comes to routine appointments, health concerns, insurance questions, referrals, medical records or prescriptions, let us be the team who helps connect the dots to get you on the road to an easier and more satisfying healthcare experience.

Primary Care Physician

Your Primary Care Physician is your doctor of record and the head of your Care Focus Team. Specializing in the unique needs of senior adults, our physicians take the time to listen, evaluate and determine the best course of care. At Reliance, our physicians are sure to treat the whole person, not just a symptom.


Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)

Each APRN is partnered with a Primary Care Physician on a Care Focus Team so that patients are assured full coverage and professional coordination of healthcare. With the ability to treat, diagnosis, refer and prescribe, each APRN is a licensed Primary Care Provider aimed at delivering better health outcomes and wrap-around care.

Personal Medical Concierge

Your Personal Medical Concierge is the first person you meet in your healthcare journey with Reliance. Your PMC is your onboarding specialist who will conduct your initial intake conversation and will craft a personalized Care Plan. In the world of appointments, prescriptions, insurance and referrals, it’s great to have a healthcare advocate by your side. 


Quality Analyst

Your Quality Analyst will track your treatments and your progress, then report back to your Care Focus Team so that there is true communication, cooperation and collaboration. By having a Quality Analyst on your team, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are not only supported in the exam room, but behind the scenes as well.

Referrals Specialist

The Referrals Specialist coordinates outside appointments with specialist doctors as well as managing access to prescribed medical equipment. Having a Referrals Specialist assigned to each Care Focus Team means that their set panel of patients is getting proper care and attention.


Medical Records Specialist

Your Medical Records Specialist will make sure that Reliance has all your medical records from your outside providers and insurance company. That means no more calling and trying to coordinate the transfer of your records yourself, let us coordinate and connect the dots for you. 

2 Medical Assistants

Your 2 Medical Assistants round off your Care Focus Team by providing both clinical and clerical services to your team. These trained medical professionals are focused on the needs of senior adults and play an essential role in delivering complete, coordinated, compassionate care.


Your 8-Person Care Focus Team is only one part of what makes Reliance the optimal choice for Primary Care for those on Medicare. We also provide additional support, services and personnel including Wellness Club with Coaches, Resource Center, Brain Health, Wellbeing Advisors, Transportation and more, at no additional cost.

This is what healthcare should be.

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