Brain Health Program

The Brain Health & Cognition Program at Reliance

At Reliance, we believe the best plan of action is prevention and early detection.

In collaboration with USF, we are proud to be the only facility in Polk County to offer a multifaceted Brain Health Assessment for older adults. Most older adults are interested in brain health, yet it is often neglected in primary care. Elevated primary care for seniors means addressing the whole person; having dedicated onsite Brain Health services truly differentiates Reliance from other healthcare facilities.

Progressive causes of cognitive impairment (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease) can brew under the surface decades before symptom onset. Factors such as nutrition, medications, chronic disease management, physical/cognitive activity, among others can impact dementia risk. And for those who may be exhibiting signs of cognitive impairment, many causes are treatable (e.g., metabolic conditions, infections) and sometimes even reversible—but early detection is critical. Early detection greatly increases chances for better health outcomes. For these reasons, Brain Health Assessment focuses on:

  1. Dementia prevention and risk reduction
  2. Establishing patients’ personal brain health baselines to monitor for decline
  3. Promptly initiating comprehensive evaluation and treatment
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The Importance of Early Assessment

A Brain Health Assessment is a great complement to your routine Reliance doctor visits. And our partnership with USF offers optional inclusion in onsite optimal aging research studies such as the NIA-funded Preventing Alzheimer’s with Cognitive (PACT) clinical trial. (Learn more about PACT here. Learn more about the USF-Reliance Optimal Aging and Brain Health Research Lab here.)


Completing a Brain Health Assessment:

  • Evaluates factors that increase long-term dementia risk
  • Provides personalized patient recommendations for risk reduction
  • Establishes a patient’s brain health baseline for long-term monitoring
  • Facilitates the prompt detection of cognitive changes over time
  • Ensures timely treatment which is typically more effective when initiated early
  • Enhances interdisciplinary collaboration between cognitive aging specialists,
    primary care providers, Wellbeing Advisors, and Clinical Pharmacists
  • Significantly improves health outcomes
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Are you Ready to Take an Active Role in Your Brain Health?

Now is your chance to graduate to better healthcare.

Contact us regarding a Brain Health Consultation or Assessment at 888-414-1413, OPT 1, EXT 1


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