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Reliance Medical Centers Looks Ahead to Being the Area’s Best Neighbor with Free ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ Farmer’s Market Event

By Reliance Medical Centers / August 10, 2022

Popular Doctor’s Office for Senior Adults Now Open in Tampa Lowry Park with Kick-Off Celebration TAMPA, FL (Aug. 10, 2022) – Reliance Medical Centers, a popular Central Florida Primary Care Doctor’s Office focused on senior adults with Medicare Advantage plans, is now open in Hillsborough County with its newest location…

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We are so Excited to Welcome Doctor Glorimar Gonzalez to our Reliance Medical Team!

By Reliance Medical Centers / January 4, 2021

We are so excited to welcome Doctor Glorimar Gonzalez to our Reliance Medical Team! We wanted to share a quick word from Dr. Gonzalez. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and say how delighted I am to join the team at Reliance Medical Centers! In the coming days, I will be transitioning…

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Reliance Medical Centers Supports USF Optimal Aging and Brain Health Research Fund

By Reliance Medical Centers / July 6, 2020

Thank you to Reliance Medical Centers who has generously supported the USF Optimal Aging and Brain Health Research Fund at the University of South Florida and created the USF-Reliance Optimal Aging Research Laboratory, an in-house research facility at its Lakeland location. This recurring collaboration between Reliance and the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders and…

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How Reliance is Meeting Patient Needs Both In & Out of the Office

By Reliance Medical Centers / June 10, 2020

Reliance Medical Centers Resource Center connects those in need with public assistance information and programs through the Florida Department of Children and Families Automated Community Connection to Economic Self Sufficiency (ACCESS). The Economic Self-Sufficiency Program helps to promote strong and economically self-sufficient communities by determining eligibility for food, cash, and medical assistance for individuals and…

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Reliance Wellness Club Celebrates Activity Coach Debbie Freeze!

By Reliance Medical Centers / May 14, 2020

Every day, the Wellness Club strives to provide a well-rounded, holistic array of activities and amenities that are specifically curated to engage and enrich our patients outside of the exam room. The Activity Center’s overall goal is to provide a fun and engaging experience that leads our patients to incorporate positive lifestyle changes into their…

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Reliance Medical Centers is Much More Than Primary Care for Older Adults. Here’s Why!

By Reliance Medical Centers / March 6, 2020

Reliance Medical Centers is so much more than primary care for older adults – Our Wellness Club was designed by a specialized gerontologist to ensure optimal aging for seniors. It is evidenced-based, holistic, preventative by nature, and practices the widely recognized Seven Dimensions of Wellness. Reliance Medical Centers Wellness Philosophy  To provide a holistic array…

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A Medical Center with a Complimentary Wellness Club for Seniors

By Reliance Medical Centers / February 12, 2020

Tasha Saca ran the Reliance Wellness Club with the support of Debbie Freeze, Activity Coach in Lakeland. In this interview with Tasha, I find out what the Reliance Wellness Club is and how it benefits patients. Q: “Can you tell me what the Reliance Wellness Club is?” A: “We created the Reliance Wellness Club so that…

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Reliance adds Dr. Aryn Harrison Bush to Their Team to Champion a Brain Health and Cognitive Research and Diagnostics Division.

By Reliance Medical Centers / July 23, 2019

Q: “What is your title and role at Reliance?” A: “I have two primary functions with Reliance as the Vice President of Applied Science and Translation, and the Director of Brain Health and Cognition. First, I am developing a new research department at Reliance to improve the health of patients and individuals in the community. The…

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Honoring Veterans at Inaugural Reliance Salutes Veterans Event

By Reliance Medical Centers / May 24, 2019

LAKELAND, FL. – On Saturday, Reliance Medical Centers hosted the first of a planned annual event, Reliance Salutes Veterans. The outdoor celebration honored veterans and their families with free lunch catered by Veterans-friendly Mission BBQ, live music, and exciting giveaways at Reliance’s Lakeland Medical Center, with a spacious event tent and plenty of cooling fans.…

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Roberto Martinez, Chief Administrative Officer, Reliance Medical Centers discusses what healthcare should be.

By Reliance Medical Centers / May 7, 2019

Roberto Martinez has been in the healthcare industry for more than 16 years, together with more than 15 years in other sectors. As the CAO of Reliance Medical Centers, he brings extensive knowledge and experience, particularly when it comes to knowing how to deliver a personalized, effective, quality, and customer-driven healthcare experience to seniors; what…

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